3.24.23 Weekly Update
Welcome to the inaugural IkonShop Developer Weekly Update

📝What's new?

Goals & Results

Quick overview of this week's goals and what was accomplished, see below for details.
  • In-House Images for Products
  • Rich-Text Format on Product Descriptions
  • Printful connection for Merchants
  • Custom Store URL Functionality
we batted 100% this week

Plans for Next Week

Life can change and so can our plans, but here is what we are aiming for!
  • Improve Merchant Order View
  • Begin work on automated Shipping
  • Complete User Profile Pages


Product Images
Prior to this week, a product's image was based on an Image URL input. But that's lame, and doesn't let us optimize our use of images for display or SEO (google's search engine optimization) which is essential in the e-commerce world.
So this week we are happy to announce our new Product Images feature that allows you to store multiple product images in the database, and easily showcase different views on your product's page. These images can also be swapped out in the Edit Product tab.
Create Product
Rich Text on Product Description
When describing your product, sometimes you need different points of emphasis. Starting this week, you can now format your Product Description in bold , italics , etc.
Rich Text Description
Please note that this feature is currently only avaiable when creating a product, we plan to have it applicable on the Edit Product page this weekend where you can adjust the description on your current product sets.
Printful connection for Merchants
This is a feature we are pretty excited about. With e-commerce, automated dropshipping of your products is essential. With our Printful integration you can now easily link your Printful Store Products directly into your IkonShop store. All you have to do is input your Printful API Key in your IkonShop Store Settings.
What does this do? Well, from a customer stand-point - nothing. Printful products appear the same exact way as any other product. For the merchant, this allows them to now accept USDC for their Printful products.
Printful Integration
After an order for a product is placed and payment is confirmed, the order is sent to the Printer and the order details are viewable right from your Merchant Dashboard
​Create your own Custom Prints today and get to selling!
Custom Store URL Functionality
Branding is important and we want to help you leverage that on IkonShop, so now you can directly choose your IkonShop URL. Every verified merchant will now have the ability to use a custom URL for their store (i.e. Here are a few for example:
Custom Store URL
Please note that your Store URL must be unique and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis


We're super excited about what we accomplished this week. We're pushing into areas with Solana E-Commerce where most projects haven't broken ground yet. Our ultimate goal is to make it a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3 for consumers and merchants alike, and we are pushing towards that with every git push.
That's it from our end this week, we will tidy up a few things behind the scenes this weekend and if anything notable changes we'll update the community accordingly.
Have a great weekend!
🤟Matt the Dev
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