4.14.23 Weekly Update
Welcome to the IkonShop Developer Weekly Update

📝 What's new?

Goals & Results

Quick overview of this week's goals and what was accomplished, see below for details.
  • Improve Merchant Order View
  • Begin work on automated Shipping
  • Complete User Profile Pages
70% completion with these tasks so far.

Plans for Next Week

Life can change and so can our plans, but here is what we are aiming for!
  • Finish Automated Shipping
  • Official Docs for Merchants


Merchant Overview - In-Progress
We realized we can not complete our Merchant Order view until we fully integrate our automated shipping & tracking system.
This view will display a field that contains a tracking number that is automatically updated when the shipping label is created.
User Profile - In-Progress
Your User Profile page is functioning and accessible by your Solana Wallet Address. (check yours out at Here you can display your socials, links, and profile picture. However, we feel it needs more
to be a true feature. If you have any suggestions for anything specific, drop it in the Discord.
User Profile
Automated Shipping - In-Progress
Automated Shipping is almost there. We are working closely with ShipStation to make it simple for you to ship products to your consumers.
The break down of the shipping flow will look like this:
  • User places Order w/ Merchant
  • Order registers in system
  • System emails Merchant the Shipping Label and User with the tracking #.
Do not worry, we will have detailed docs on how to set all of this up when it is ready!


You may have noticed we missed 2 weeks of weekly updates, well.. I got married and got that thing we've all been avoiding. Life's a roller-coaster, but we are back in full-force! Thank you to everyone who sent well-wishes
, everyone else shame on you.
Shout out this week goes to kambam37 in the Discord for helping identify some bugs.
Anytime you see an error ping us in the Discord so we can try to get
on it ASAP.
Have a great weekend!
🤟 Matt the Dev
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