4.21.2023 Weekly Update

IkonShop 4.21.23 Weekly Update

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Welcome to the IkonShop Developer Weekly Update

📝 What's new?

Goals & Results

Quick overview of this week's goals and what was accomplished, see below for details.
  • Finish Automated Shipping
  • Official Docs for Merchants
  • Complete User Profile Pages
90% completion with these tasks so far.

Plans for Next Week

Life can change and so can our plans, but here is what we are aiming for!
  • Finish Automated Shipping
  • Finish User Profile Pages
  • Create a Merchant Rating system


User Profile - In-Progress w/ updates
Your User Profile page is functioning and accessible by your Solana Wallet Address. (check yours out at Here you can display your socials, links, and profile picture. However, we feel it needs more
to be a true feature. If you have any suggestions for anything specific, drop it in the Discord.
  • Interest tags - you can now add your interests from the User Settings page. Update your User Profile and find similar User/Storefronts that align with your interests!
  • NFT pfp - easily select an NFT from your connected wallet and set it as your new pfp
Interest Tags
Automated Shipping - In-Progress w/ updates
Automated Shipping is almost there. We are working closely with ShipStation to make it simple for you to ship products to your consumers.
The break down of the shipping flow will look like this:
  • User places Order w/ Merchant
  • Order registers in system
  • System emails Merchant the Shipping Label and User with the tracking #.
Do not worry, we will have detailed docs on how to set all of this up when it is ready!
Update: our post routes are working, we are waiting on shipstation to get back to us with a few things so we can then have fulfillment automatically update w/ in our system, thus triggering email notifications to merchant and consumer.
Merchant Docs
If you have been paying attention to our twitter then you know we have released the Ikon Docs.
In this set of docs is our detailed breakdown of everything on the Merchant Dashboard.
If you have any questions about how to set-up your store, this is the place to look!
Merchant Docs
It's also not too late to register to become a Merchant.


Good luck to MadLads and anyone minting this evening. Will be a huge moment to see Solana shift towards mobile!
Shout out this week goes to puter.sol in the Discord. Honestly deserves this award every week for the community work they put in not only for Ikons but the Solana Ecosystem in general. Give 'em a follow!
As always, anytime you see an error ping us in the Discord so we can try to get
on it ASAP.
Have a great weekend!
🤟 Matt the Dev
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