4.28.23 Weekly Update

IkonShop 4.28.23 Weekly Update

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Welcome to the IkonShop Developer Weekly Update

📝 What's new?

Goals & Results

Quick overview of this week's goals and what was accomplished, see below for details.
  • Finish Automated Shipping
  • Finish User Profile Pages
  • Create a Merchant Rating system
100% completion LFG.

Plans for Next Week

Life can change and so can our plans, but here is what we are aiming for:
  • Publish Shipstation/Printful Integration Docs
  • Launch Merchant Integrations Dashboard
  • Spring Cleaning


Automated Shipping - Complete - Awaiting Docs

Creating shipping labels is a pain when business is booming, so we integrated Shipstation. If you read last week's update then you know we are working on creating an automated flow for incoming orders.
With our shipping integration using Shipstation a Merchant can instantly create a shipping label pre-populated with all the shipping info from the order and print it.
Shipstation Order Page
To take it a step further, we tied in instant updates. As soon as the label is printed, Shipstation then updates the Order in your Merchant Dashboard with the tracking number and marks it as fulfilled.
Merchant Order Detail Page
Soon, we will implement automated emails to notify both the merchant and consumer.

User Profile Pages - v1 complete

This past week, we have made some styling changes on the Profile Settings page and are content with the current front-end display.
User Profile Page
We have started toying with new ideas on how we envision these pages to look and once we have a final design chosen we share it with the community. If you have a feature request, make sure to ping us on Twitter

Merchant Rating system - v1 complete

Introducing our newest feature, the Merchant Rating System. Now, when you visit an IkonShop Storefront, you can give the Store a 👍.
Make sure your Solana Wallet is connected so the vote counts and the Merchants know who their biggest fans are!
Like This Store Symbol
We plan to utilize each Store's Total Likes as a scoring metric for a future feature that will act as a Merchant Leaderboard. Other potential metrics being total sales, total unique customers, and more.


Congrats to MadLads and their successful mint! It goes to show the future of Solana is bright!
Shout out this week goes to @FNTSTC_MRFOX in the Discord. Homie has been involved in our community since January and has even submitted their own 1-of-1 take on a 90's Ikon
Can you guess who it is????
fntstc_mrfox art submission
As always, anytime you see an error ping us in the Discord or shoot us a message on Twitter so we can try to get
on it ASAP.
Friday Chair Spin
ONE LAST THING! Almost forgot, Merchants can now edit their own custom Store Policy from their Merchant Settings page. It will be displayed as a clickable pop-up on your storefront!
Seller Policy
Have an Ikonic weekend everyone!
🤟 Matt the Dev
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