Orders tab provides a way to view/export all product orders and allows merchant to view detailed information associated with each order.

Within the IkonShop Orders tab you can quickly view the key info on orders as they come in. This includes:

  • OrderID - this is id in our system that points to the Solana Tx Hash recorded from the purchase

  • Date of Sale

  • Price & Token

  • Shipping Recorded - yes or no

  • Fulfillment status

Merchants also have the ability to export a detailed order sheet to CSV, by clicking the Download button in the top right, allowing sales to easily be managed off-chain.

For Order Details a Merchant can click the View button on the table. This will display any info required by the Merchant when creating the product.

From here the Merchant can view the shipping info, update the tracking number, see the buyer note, and mark the order as fulfilled.

Everything the Merchant would need to complete an online order is here.

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